Jigsaw Puzzle

A lot of us have this addiction to Jigsaw puzzles. We devote time and effort in solving any puzzles that we get our hand with. At times it can be frustrating for the degree of difficulty of some puzzles is overwhelming and we end up not solving it. The trickiness of the puzzles that we play with is really at a different level and we spend a lot of time in trying to solve it and that makes the game tiresome.

Fortunately, there are ways of beating the puzzle game and these techniques can be learned as long as the player is willing and eager to learn them. So here are the things that you need to do in order to beat and solve any puzzle game.

To begin with:

  • Turn all the pieces upwards – having all the pieces right side up is really tedious, but it will definitely make it easier for you to work with it as you’ll be able to see all the colors and patterns that are in between all the pieces.
  • Locate all the edges – starting out with the edges of the puzzle is another way to complete the puzzle. However, this only works with a standard Jigsaw puzzle. You will be able to define the border of the puzzle which will make it easier for you to fill the middle of it.
  • Sort out pieces by color – grouping every piece into their colors will make it easier for you to identify the image that color creates. Furthermore, you could also identify the correct placement of all the puzzle pieces.
  • Pay attention to the shapes – often times, Jigsaw puzzles come in different shapes of “knobs and holes” and that makes it easier for you to identify where that certain puzzle fit.
  • Complete one section at a time – this will allow you to focus on the parts of the puzzle that are easier to complete and will take you less time to complete the whole puzzle.
  • Don’t ever give up – once you’ve started on a puzzle don’t ever quit until you’ll be able to finish it.

Following these techniques will enable you to have a system in solving puzzles and there will be no puzzle that it very difficult for you to solve.

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