Starting at a very young age, we as humans have a curious mind which needs to be developed into its full potential for us to become intellectually capable of doing something. Specifically, during the toddler stage, we need to engage their minds in intellectual activities. These kinds of activities will ultimately hasten their thinking ability for them to be able to understand the basic thought process. However, these activities require tools which, at this stage can be their  toys.

With that thought in mind, toys are relatively important to the toddler’s mental development. One of the toys that a toddler should have is puzzling and allowing toddlers to play with them will hasten the development of skills that is necessary for their survival in the later years of their lives.

Here are some benefits that toddlers will get out of playing with puzzles

  1. Improve Motor Skills – as the child begins to hold and grab objects, it is at this moment that is best to introduce puzzles which the child can hold. The puzzles are small enough which the child can manipulate. With the help of the parents, allow the child to create puzzle blocks which will be very exciting for them.
  2. Improve Cognitive Skills – enhancing the development of problem solving skills is definitely helpful if developed in the toddler years. The results might not be visible immediately, but will ultimately manifest in the near future. Puzzles can help in teaching kids with colors, shape, letters and numbers.
  3. Improve Hand to Eye Coordination – precision is a requirement in completing any puzzle, fitting one puzzle piece to another is quite a challenging task for a toddler but that doesn’t mean that it’s not an applicable method. It is however a great way in developing the child’s hand to eye coordination and will further enhance their mastery in manipulating objects.

Overall, parents cannot afford to neglect these benefits that their toddler can have if they play with puzzles. The parent’s goal is always to provide the best possible experience for their kids and introducing a puzzle game at a very young age will definitely help in developing their kid’s mental ability.

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